The Fisherman Association of Roatan

Invites you to our:
XIV Annual International Fishing Tournament
2nd Year of Catch and Release

West End, Roatan
September 12th-15th 2013

The Fisherman Association of Roatan

Invites you to our:
XIV Annual International Fishing Tournament
4th Year of Catch and Release

West End, Roatan
September 12th-15th 2013

Roatan XIV International Bill Fish Tournament , 4th Year of Catch and Release - September 12th - 15th, 2013



Event Schedule

Thursday 12th September 2013, Captains Meeting, 7.00pm

Friday 13th September 2013, First Day Fishing

Saturday 14th September 2013, Second Day Fishingr

Sunday 15th September 2013, Third Day Fishing, Half Day until 1.00pm

Sunday 15th September 2013, Awards Ceremony 7.:00 pm

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Participate in TBF's Tag & Release Program

TBF’s Tag & Release Program has the largest private billfish tagging database in the world and remains a cornerstone of TBF’s work, providing scientists with vital information gathered by thousands of volunteer fishing teams. The traditional tagging data reveals details such as migration patterns, age and growth rates, diving depths and sex ratios, all adding to a knowledge base that advances billfish science and, in turn, billfish management policies.

It is only through the participation of anglers, captains and mates that TBF is able to gather this vital tag & release data. Every fish that is tagged, released and recaptured provides us with one more piece in the puzzle of the mysterious lives of billfish. Additionally, documenting tagged and/or released billfish also illustrates the socio-economic importance of recreational fishing to our policy makers. Your participation makes a valuable contribution towards realizing a brighter future for billfish, our oceans and related economies! THE FISHERMEN ASSOCIATION OF ROATAN ENCOURAGES ALL ANGLERS OF THE FISHING TOURNAMENT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE TAG AND RELEASE BFF PROGRAM, FOR TAGS AND TAGGING INFORMATION PLEASE CALL 9955-0001

Proceeds of the Event

Once again, as last year, we not only will promote international, national and local tourism, but part of the proceeds from the Tournament will be donated to:

  • Little Friends Foundation
    This foundation was formed by a group of concerned islanders to improve the health care system of the island.
  • Bay Islands Coastal Clean Up
    This organization was formed to help clean our coastal areas with the effort to raise awareness of the importance of good environmental practices.
  • Roatan's Lions Club
    This organization is an International nonprofit Organization whose slogan is "We Serve." Developing local projects based on Education and Health. (They will be the Administrators of the donation to execute a Health Project for the Roatan Public Hospital).

Roatan Fishing Tournament 2011 Video

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2010 Video


IGFA Offshore World Championship Qualifying Events Information

As an IGFA Offshore World Championship Qualifying Event, you will have exclusive benefit programs to choose from. These benefits are provided by the Bonnier Marine Group, the largest saltwater media company in North America, and the International Game Fishing Association, the leading organization for marine education, conservation and world record keeping. Your affiliation with the series will link you to the most diverse group of tournament anglers in the world. Your winners will have a chance to represent your tournament and compete against the world during the hot spring striped marlin bite in Quepos Costa Rica.
We are very appreciative you have chosen to be part of the Championship series.